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Color Quality & Spectrophotometer
iso 9000

Our focus is on developing the Rite System for you application. Our manufacturing facilities around the world are designed to provide a product that will surpass your expectations.

We are a comprehensive supplier providing the support services required, from the fastest color development of the lowest cost solution, to a functional product that is sure to perform.

The Rite Systems technical field service personnel will assist keep you abreast of new color developments in your market. Their knowledge ensures you will receive the latest technology available. In all that we do, we are driven to meet your markets requirements.

Rite Systems manufactures with responsibility and Good Manufacturing Practices. This includes a safe workplace for our employees and operational standards that are environmentally friendly.

The commitment to quality, service and dependability is evident with every Rite Systems' Product.

It's our people that make it all happen. We hire and train only the best. They have been given autonomy in their jobs and they have responded by bettering everything that they do. Because every employee works in this fashion it translates into powerful benefits for our customers. By adopting the above principles and weaving them into the fabric of our corporate culture we have created a color production enterprise that is flexible, responsive, cost and quality conscious, and ever willing to take on our customer's next challenge. We don't claim to be one of a kind.

  • In 1987 - Rite Systems was founded to supply Liquid Colorants to the Plastic Industry.
  • 1990 - Ricon Colors, Inc. was established to produce colorants and additives in powder and pellet form.
  • 1997 - Opened an East Coast plant. 2004 - Built a 40000 SF Plant, Mooresville North Carolina
  • 1999 - Opened a West Coast operation, Expanded to 35000 SF in 2005 to Chino, California.
  • 2000 - Built 125000 SF state of the art facility in West Chicago, Illinois.
  • 2003 - Opened a 25000 SF European facility in Vienna, Austria.
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