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Color Quality & Spectrophotometer
iso 9000

What is Liquid Color?

Rite Systems Liquid Systems is a custom blend of a chemically balanced vehicles, additives and pigments designed for the process and product. We tailor the product to meet your needs whether you require eliminating Taste and Odor or the addition of a scent or flavor.

Why Rite Systems Liquid verses Color Concentrates or Master Batches?

Lower cost is the initial driving force with most conversions to Rite Systems Liquid Systems. Once the initial switch is completed many hidden cost savings present themselves as reasons to expedite and complete the remaining conversion.

Why Rite Systems verses other Liquids manufacturers?

Since inception Rite Systems’ focused solely on Liquid Systems. By not attempting to be all things to everybody, Rite Systems successes are verified by continual growth for 20 years.

Is Liquid Colors only produces cost savings on long runs and not short runs?

Rite Systems Liquid works well for both situations. Rite Systems provides different types of cost saving in every scenario.

Liquid Colors are “Too messy, I tried 15 years ago“.

Rite Systems Liquids are not messy if handled properly. Any form of colorant not handled correctly will require additional resources to sweep, clean, and ultimately dispose of. The end result is the percentage of scrap and costs will increase regardless of the choice colorant.

How do we train people to use the product correctly?

Rite Systems works closely with the necessary personnel to ensure proper training, education, and handling is provided.

Does it take longer to change colors?

No, Rite Systems Liquids dispenses colorant from the same containers they are shipped and warehoused in. It is a totally enclosed system dispensing color in the middle of the throat below all hoppers and magnets thus minimizing color contamination. Less color contamination translates into quicker color changes.

What equipment is necessary to run Liquid Color?

Rite Systems has developed a state of the art line of equipment capable of handling every application and process.



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