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Color Quality & Spectrophotometer
iso 9000

Established in 1987 with a goal to supply quality, cost effective Liquid Colorants to the plastics industry. The company decided from day one, that to achieve and exceed our emphasis had to be placed on both the continued technological improvements of the product and a strong commitment to our workforce.

Today, Rite Systems continues to thrive in an extremely competitive environment on a worldwide basis. What started out as a small dream has grown to five full service manufacturing facilities on three continents. A fact we are most proud of is that many of our original employees that shared the dream are still with us today: Dedicated and committed to you our customer.

Great employee’s, continued advances in LVT (liquid vehicle technologies) and a global network of pigment and additive sourcing will allow us to meet new challenges and continue to provide solutions for colorants.

Another source of pride is the establishment of an in-house equipment and tech service department. We have recently introduced the most advanced metering and dispensing equipment available to the industry. Designed for control and accountability, these units can monitor color levels and provide data on daily usage. Using wireless technology that can be controlled with a palm pilot or central PC, all units can be tied into one control source allowing material handlers, plant managers and scheduler’s information and control never seen before in the industry.



Right people, right colorants, right equipment....Rite Systems

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